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Pack of 2 Reusable, Biodegradable, Zero-waste, 100% Cotton Handmade Sponges


Handmade using 100% Cotton, durable alternative to synthetic sponge.



Dual-sided cleaning sponge: Our handmade biodegradable sponges have one side of a 100% cotton printed pattern. While the other side is 100% textured cotton waffle. The sponge has a terry towel that is super absorbent and keeps the dish soap clean.

Long-lasting and durable: Eco Habit’s biodegradable sponge is handmade with 100% cotton for durability. It has no added chemicals. With regular care, it would last for years as compared to the synthetic sponges.

Eco-friendly: These sponges are biodegradable, hand and machine washable, zero-waste sponges. Hence, an excellent eco-friendly alternative to traditional kitchen sponges that pollute the environment.

Safe for kitchen utensils: Our sponges feature a textured waffle fabric that is tough on grease and grime but gentle on your utensils. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about scratching or damaging your favorite utensils.

Easy to clean: Cleaning of the sponges is easy as a breeze. Once you have finished washing up, rinse the sponge with clean water. Hang up to dry. This would allow the sponge to dry between washes and prolong the life of the sponges.

Are you tired of scrubbing your valuable pots with synthetic plastic sponges?

Are the conventional sponges too hard on your nails and hands?

How about switching to a soft, 100% cotton and handmade sponge built to last for years?

Eco Habit’s handmade cotton sponges will provide just that.

As versatile as ever!
These handmade, biodegradable sponges are versatile and suitable for every kitchen cleaning task. Be it cleaning a kitchen counter, stove, or sink. Eco Habit’s handmade sponges have got you all covered!

An excellent alternative to synthetic plastic sponges

No more dumping of plastic sponges into the landfills, as EcoHabit’s sponges are 100% handmade, reusable, and biodegradable.
The super-soft unbleached cotton used in their manufacture is odor-free that feels good for cleaning dishes and other utensils.

Easy care and Machine-friendly

EcoHabit’s handmade sponges are low maintenance and machine friendly. The optimum temperature for these sponges is 30 degrees. At 30 degrees, these sponges would retain their original shape and texture.
Using a fabric softener is NOT recommended as it would reduce the absorbency of the sponge, and eventually reduce its overall life.

Do NOT tumble dry or it would lose its fiber.

Since these sponges are purely handmade, expect a slight difference in color and pattern positioning.

For the first few washes, expect slight shedding of fibers.

Eco Habit’s handmade sponges stain over time.

Are you ready to save yourself some money with these eco-friendly, handmade sponges?
Get your first set of EcoHabit’s 100% cotton handmade sponges now, and thank us later!



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