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Reusable Beeswax Bread Wrap, Extra Large Wrap in assorted colours, 50*50cm Single Biodegradable Sheet


It includes 1 x 50cm wrap + string and button.
This is a very large wrap that can be used to wrap your fresh bread or you can cut it down to your preferred sizes.
Food wraps are easy to use; they are malleable, water resistant, airtight and reusable.

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The extra-large wrap comes with button and string: The Eco Habit’s reusable beeswax bread wrap is a 50cm, 100% natural product that comes with a string and a wooden button so that no nasties could leach into your bread.

Easy to customize: Our bread wraps are malleable and mouldable, and therefore, easy to customize. You can cut your own size for vegetables, fruits, snacks, or pet treats.

Easy to use: For Eco Habit, convenience is paramount! These wraps are made for comfort. Just build your sandwich, fold the corners and wrap your snack around the string and secure it with a sustainable button.

Reusable and biodegradable: These sandwich wraps can be wiped with a clean cloth and washed with cold water. It dries quickly and remains fresh after every wash.

Multi-purpose and beautiful wraps: This wrap comes in assorted colours and unique patterns, and can be used as a placemat or an attractive cover for your sandwiches, fruits or vegetables to keep them fresh for hours. You can also cut it down to your preferred sizes and use it as a toothbrush and razor cover.

Are you ready to amp up your lifestyle?
Do you want to switch to eco-friendly alternatives to cling film and tin foil for food storage?
Then you are at the right place!
Eco Habit’s bread wrap is a 100% natural alternative to harmful cling films and plastics.
Handmade with love from natural beeswax, jojoba oil, cotton fabric and pine resin, our wraps extend the freshness of your food for healthy nutrition.

Wraps like a charm!

Our wraps are sustainable and wrap effortlessly around your food.
A freshly baked bread wrapped beautifully in Eco Habit’s funky wraps is a contender. Just build your sandwich, fold in the corners and wrap the string around your food and secure with the sustainable button.
And a perfect wrap for grownups and kids is born!

Healthy ingredients for a super healthy lifestyle

Eco Habit takes pride in producing high-quality wraps with healthy ingredients. The 100% natural beeswax used in these wraps forms a protective layer to seal the impurities from entering your food, jojoba oil is added for flexibility whereas pine resin provides self-adhesion.

Repurpose the purpose

Eco Habit’s bread wraps are multi-purpose and can be used to:
1. Cover food bowls.
2. Cover half of melons and watermelons.
3. Preserve cheese and butter.
4. Wrap celery stalks.
5. Cover razor or toothbrush.

These wraps are malleable, water-resistant, and 100% reusable. Therefore, you can customize the size and shape of these wraps according to your needs.

Eco Habit's bread wraps use 100% natural beeswax, so they may have a nuance of yellow.

It is not advisable to use our wraps on raw meat or fish, microwave, hot food, oven, and dishwasher.

Are you ready to make a healthy choice for your healthy diet?

Get the Eco Habit’s reusable beeswax bread wrap now, and enjoy unlimited hours of freshness!



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