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Cotton & Bamboo Cotton Buds - Pack of 100


Eco Habit’s cotton buds are 100% organic and cruelty-free. They are made from bamboo and soft cotton. Therefore, 100% biodegradable.


100% organic and vegan friendly: Eco Habit’s cotton buds use organic bamboo and soft cotton. Hence, 100% biodegradable.

Versatile: From removing makeup to cleaning the keyboard and stationery. You can use our cotton buds for a variety of purposes.

Biodegradable: Eco Habit’s cotton buds come in recycled cardboard packaging. Besides, bamboo is a sustainable product that is durable and sturdy. After use, dispose of the swabs in your organic waste or compost.

Handy and compact: Our cotton buds are super compact. They are perfect for first aid applications since they use organic cotton.

Built for hygiene: Eco Habit’s cotton buds are safe to use for ears, eyes, and nose. They clean away signs of wax and dirt around hard-to-reach areas.

Help us free the ocean of plastic pollution and awaken your inner environmentalist!

The face of versatility

Eco Habit’s cotton swabs serve a variety of purposes. From cleaning your stationeries to removing makeup and first aid applications. That too, in the most sustainable way possible.

Natural materials to fit your needs

Our cotton buds use natural materials with zero traces of plastic. Organic cotton and bamboo are sustainable resources, easy to grow, and harvest. Also, EcoHabit’s cotton buds come in a nice recycled box that can further be reused.

Absorbs like a pro

The cotton used in the manufacture of our cotton swabs is 100% organic. Thus, it features an efficient cotton head with low dust emission.

Furthermore, the cotton head is durable and does not unravel.

Get Eco Habit’s cotton buds with 0% single-use plastic and 100% biodegradable materials.

Switch to organic, biodegradable cotton buds now. Be a part of a greener tomorrow!



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