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Hello I’m Aida, founder of Eco Habit.

My Journey to zero waste living started in 2016 after I welcomed my fourth son into this world. With such big family it didn’t take long for us to find constantly overflowing bins, plastic shopping bags sticking out of drawers and a mountain of disposable nappies. This was when it all started.

After much research on how to reduce waste I came across Beeswax Food Wraps as an alternative to cling film and tin foil, however it came with a price tag I couldn’t afford. With the need to change habits and determination I decided to make one myself. It took me a long time to get the perfect recipe and there it was!! The perfect Eco Habit Beeswax Food Wrap and most important – Affordable!

We are still on our journey to zero waste living and it would be an honour to be part of yours!

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